A Mezzotint Print 'Hawking'

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'Hawking (To Sir John Maxwell, of Pollock, Bart. This plate is taken from a Picture, in the possession of Mr. Fleming of Borochan is most respectfully Dedicated, By His, most obliged and humble Servants R. & J. Finlay)'.

This antique print portrays Malcolm Fleming of Barochan (1745-1811), the Grand Falconer of Scotland, astride his hunter with a peregrine on his glove. Standing in front of him is his falconer, John Anderson. In the background can be seen the Barochan Tower.

Howe was famed for his ability to paint horse and cattle and portrayed many well-known animals. He visited London to paint the horses of the Royal Stud and exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy.

A late strike.


Mellon British Sporting and Animal Prints p. 104

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