Pair Of Tiger & Leopard Georgian Sand Pictures By Zobel

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Tiger and Leopard attributed to Benjamin Zobel

A wonderful pair of Regency sand paintings depicting a recumbent tiger and leopard in a woodland clearing Each cat has glass eyes and the tiger is monogrammed B.Z. to the lower left.

Presented in gilded frames.

Benjamin Zobel (1762-1830) began his working career working for the family confectionery business in Bavaria. He moved to London and became a 'Table Decker' for the Prince Regent at Windsor Castle. This gave him responsibility for decorating the huge tarts served at Windsor's banquets with coloured sugars and the Royal Court was so impressed by his work that he was encouraged to find a way of making his art permanent. Zobel discovered that the skills he had developed were easily transferable to working in sand and his patrons included the Duke of York.

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