The Art Newspaper has recently published a very interesting article comparing the benefits of buying from a dealer versus the benefits of buying at auction.

The article is entitled 'The personal touch can still pay off' and at Reindeer we pride ourselves on the personal service we offer our clients. We are more than happy to allow local clients to try pieces on approval as an item can look different in a new enviroment or not fit the envisaged space. We are also able to advise on shipping to all parts of the world and we will happily try and get you the most competitive quote.

When it comes to the care and preservation of your antiques we are able to introduce you to a variety of skilled and experienced restorers from gilders and cabinet-makers to upholsterers. Our next door neighbours on Kensignton Church Street Raffety and Walwyn even guarantee the smooth running of their clocks and barometers for a year. Few auctioneers will be able to offer you all of these services.

A common misconception is that buying at auction offers better value but a good dealer will have trawled through many sources seeking the finest pieces (ignoring the average) and will offer them to you at a sensible price. If a dealer's stock was over priced he would not last long especially in the modern era of internet search engines. This is why we at Reindeer Antiques are very transparent about our prices and anything under £10,000 is priced on the website.

When buying at auction there will be additional fees on top of the hammer price such as buyer's commission and the piece will often need restoration and of course delivery to your home. If you buy a piece from Reindeer it will have been expertly restored and we offer free delivery within mainland Britain, the ticket price is the maximum you will pay and we are sometimes even willing to haggle.


September 14, 2011 — Peter Alexander
Tags: Opinion