Deloitte, the leading accounting and business consulting firm thinks that now is the perfect time to be buying antique furniture. The report states that the credit crisis should be supportive of antique furniture prices with the current low return on traditional investments making unorthodox assets more attractive. Deloitte says that due to their illiquid nature antiques avoid the big swings seen in the financial markets lately and that is advisable to invest in a range of investments. With the current fears about the possibility of high inflation in the future Deloitte advises that antique furniture will also offer ‘a hedge against future inflation’. However the best argument Deloitte has for buying antique rather than modern is that ‘antique furniture is better made and cheaper than new furniture’. In the last six years an antique chest of drawers has fallen by 50 per cent relative to its modern equivalent. Deloitte concludes with antique furniture is ‘a functional, proven asset at a low price’. Perhaps now is the time to invest.


August 27, 2009 — Peter Alexander