Since 1993 Annie Tempest has been creating her much loved comic series Tottering by Gently for Country Life Magazine. Tempest's irresistible characters Daffy, Dicky and their beloved dogs Slobber, the family labrador and Scribble, their spaniel live in the fictional Country house Tottering Hall. Tempest illustrates their day-to-day lives through sharp wit and observant humour. The cartoons cover many relatable subjects ranging from marriage, gardening, pets and above all life in the English Countryside.

A significant focus of attention is paid to the lives of Slobber, the labrador dog and Scribble the spaniel and through Annie Tempest's satire we get a sense of how life in the Tottering household is dominated by their behaviours, wants and needs of their beloved dogs. Slobber and Scribble rule the roost in Tottering Hall, something notable and relatable to many a dog lover in their home.

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1. Tottering by Gently Dog Rules

Tottering by Gently Dog Rules Print

Naturally this is our favourite Tottering dog cartoon. We all know the feeling of how we start off with the best of intentions towards our new puppy and gradually as they grow in our affections they come to take over the house.

2. Tottering by Gently Dogs In the Bed

Tottering By Gently Print Dogs In The Bed

Slobber and Scribble have completely taken over the bedroom leaving Dicky and Daffy to sleep on the floor. This wonderful Tottering dog print really shows in charge at Tottering Hall.

3. Tottering by Gently Guilty as Charged

Tottering By Gently Guilty As Charged

We all know the expression on our dog's face when they are being told off for misbehaving. In this Tottering by Gently print Daffy is giving Slobber the labrador a stern ticking off. No doubt he will do it again!

4. Tottering by Gently Personal Trainer

Tottering By Gently Personal Trainer

How many families get a dog in the hope that it will give them some much needed exercise. In this Tottering by Gently Print Slobber the labrador is towing Daffy on their morning walk. If you have ever walked labrador dogs you know this feeling.

5. Tottering by Gently Third Person in a Marriage

Tottering By Gently Print Third Person In A Marriage

For me this Tottering by Gently cartoon sums up what a dog's role is in a family. At the heart of everything and much loved by everyone.

6. Tottering by Gently I was just sitting here

 Tottering By Gently Print I Was Just Sitting Here

 We have all been there, you leave the puppy alone and come back to find a prize possession destroyed. In this Tottering by Gently Print Scribble the Spaniel has shredded the sofa, upturned the side tables, smashing a lamp. Oh dear!

7. Tottering by Gently Town Dog

Tottering By Gently The Town Dog

However our dogs can also be utterly charming. In this Tottering by Gently Print Slobber and Scribble are offering a visiting pooch a choice of still or sparkling water in their water bowl.

8. Tottering by Gently Peeling a Carrot

Tottering By Gently Print Peeling A Carrot

So many of our dogs are food driven especially labradors. In this Tottering by Gently dog cartoon Slobber and Scribble completely ignore the sound of the door bell and the appearance of a burglar but as soon as someone peels a carrot in the kitchen they are wide awake.

9. Tottering by Gently Slobber Training

Tottering By Gently Print Slobber Training

This Tottering by Gently print needs no words, we all know the feeling. In this cartoon Dicky is trying to repeatedly trying to get Slobber the labrador dog to sit to no avail, eventually Slobber is sitting but in Dicky's armchair!

10. Tottering by Gently A Dog's Day

Tottering By Gently Print A Dog's Day

Finally in this Tottering by Gently cartoon Slobber can be seen having his perfect day. Loving his food, exploring the world in the car, going for a dog walk and finally heading to bed with his owner Daffy. Dogs do have a wonderful life.

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March 07, 2024 — Peter Alexander