Autumn Exhibition: A Sporting Miscellany

Reindeer Antiques, Issac and Ede & Jason Sandeberg

Some highlights from our exhibition

A Sporting Almanac by William Nicholson 1898

A wonderful set of twelve lithographed prints by William Nicholson, depicting a different sporting activity for every month of the year; the sports illustrated start with Fox Hunting in January and end with Ice Skating in January. Published in London by William Heinemann in 1898 and printed on Japanese vellum they are characteristic of Nicholson's style with their simple shapes and flat colours.

Royal Etchings by Prince Albert    Eos and Cairnach 1840

Shortly after their marriage in 1840 Queen Victoria and Prince Albert received tuition in perfecting the technique of etching on polished metal plates. As only 25 plates are attributed to Prince Albert these are two rare examples of his etching. They provide a charming insight into the life of a much loved English monarch.


A Large Racing Trophy    1875

A racing trophy in the neoclassical style. The rim is engraceve with a border of horseshoes and laurel stems, one side is embossed with a horseracing scene with spectators; the other is engraved with the 'Calcutta Race 1875-1876, The Merchant's Cup'. This trophy was a prestigious commission from the leading English firm Elkington and Co. to commemorate the Prince of Wales's (the future Edward VII) attendance at the Calcutta Races during his tour of India.


A Regency Satinwood Centre Table    c.1830

A handsome Regency period satinwood veneered table, perfect for displaying fine silver or objets d'art. The octagonal tilt-top is crossbanded in rosewood and inlaid with a marquetry rosette in the centre, raised on an octagonal stem which terminates on a base of powerfully carved rosewood lion paw feet.

  'A Sporting Miscellany' runs until Friday 22nd November at Reindeer Antiques, 81 Kensington Church Street. We have a fascinating selection of Furniture, Silverware, Prints and Objet d'Art- all with a mischievous and amusing sporting theme.

 We look forward to welcoming you to A Sporting Miscellany


November 16, 2013 — Peter Alexander