City living is not an obstacle for the antique furniture lover. Even though there are certainly pieces created for grand historical homes, there is a wealth of others that can be seamlessly integrated in a more modestly sized space. There are a few key elements to take in consideration when buying antiques for a flat or pied-à-terre. 

The first one is to find pieces proportional to the space available. There are beautiful pieces that are of nimbler proportions that will fulfill the purpose of bigger ones just as well. For example, this pair of Louis XV design side tables is lower and daintier than some of its counterparts. These would work well as bedside tables for lower set beds or if the distance between the wall and the bed is narrow.

Highly ornate styles can also be found in smaller pieces. These mirrors may be small , but the tear shape lengthens them and the ornamentation makes a bold impression.

The second one is to look for pieces that have elegant and elongated lines. These characteristics help create a sense of height, lightness and space. This spider table is a good example of this. The dark shade of mahogany and thinness of the legs create a beautiful sense of elongation and space.

The third one is to find pieces that are versatile and adaptable. Tables that have flaps allow for the perfect compromise between daily need for space and hosting guests on special occasions. This gorgeous Pembroke table is a great example of this.

The center is beautifully decorated with marquetry, which makes it an eye catching piece, whether or not the flaps are deployed. 

The fourth one is to look for pieces with a practical shape. Ovals are better suited for wider spaces while rectangles and squares can easily be placed against a wall or in a corner to maximize space.

To create even more space than with the above-pictured tripod table, the placement of the legs is also something to look at. Having swept legs or four at each corner will allow sliding a chair underneath. This will help to create more space, but can also create a small office space.

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September 07, 2016 — Peter Alexander