We always stock a large selection of antiques which are useful for decorating a bedroom.

Most people's first preoccupation in a bedroom is having enough storage and an antique linen press is a great solution. Originally antique linen presses had trays as al linens were folded but these trays can be removed and a hanging rail inserted; this gives full length hanging for jackets, shirts and most dresses. The lower drawers give useful storage for smaller items.

An antique Hepplewhite linen press. Circa 1780

 An alternative storage solution is an antique tallboy (also known as a chest on chest). The large number of drawers comfortably houses most people's wardrobes.

An antique Chippendale tallboy. Circa 1760

The other antique were most often asked for is an antique bedside table. Normally there is not much space either side of the bed so an antique tray top commode is an ideal solution. Antique commodes have plenty of storage for a bedside lamp, phone and a couple of books etc.

An antique Sheraton tray top commode. Circa 1780

If there is a bit more room to the side of the bed a small antique chest of drawers such as the George II example illustrated is an even better solution as it has more storage.

 An antique George II chest of drawers. Circa 1740

If an antique chest has a brushing slide such as this example it can also be used as an antique dressing table with the addition of an antique dressing table mirror. We always stock a large selection of antique dressing table mirrors and their relatively inexpensive price makes them an ideal gift.

An antique George II toilet mirror. Circa 1750

If you are redecorating your bedroom I can highly recommend using pinterest to create personalised mood boards.




March 08, 2013 — Peter Alexander